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Your Airstream rental for Events & Glamping

"Our Workshop is the operating Room of Airstream Italia, it's in our HQ in Verona that we work on the Bodywork, on Restoration, on the perfect polishing to the customization of the set up for events and promotional tours."

We restore, set up, rent Airstream and special vehicles for events, promotional tours, concerts, pop up stores, info points, food and beverage and catering.

We recover and personalize pieces of history that would otherwise be lost.

Our fleet is constantly evolving and developing we are the largest and most varied fleet in Italy, that's why we call ourselves Airstream Italy.

Refined, restored and unique, our vehicles represent our original craftsmanship 100% Made in Italy.
The first ones to import Airstream from the United States to Italy and adapt them for events and promotional tours. Come discover the world of Airstreams in our HQ in Verona, Northern Italy




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“We search it, We find it, We fix it, You rent it.”

We have been renting the most beautiful American trailers for 12 years.

9 Reasons to choose Officine Vivaldi


A small family-run Italian company that stands out in the world with a unique and sought after fleet of vehicles.



Uniqueness, Personalization and Warranty of the vehicle. Safety and reliability of the vehicles are always our top priority.



We are a family business, in Officine Vivaldi everyone has their own role and when it comes to special vehicles and customizations we employ only the best engineers, designers and craftsmen to work directly in our production plant in Trevenzuolo (VR).


Customer Care:

You know from whom you buy the service, you know who you talk to, in case of need we always answer the phone.

We at Officine Vivaldi are there, always on time, if something is wrong with the rental, we start with a spare vehicle and bring it to you wherever you are.



Our motto is "Work as a Captain, Play as a Pirate" and thanks to years of experience, Best Practices and consultancies we have achieved the highest standards of safety and attention to detail, we manage to combine the fun and wonder of unique media with the seriousness and guarantees of a large logistics company. Each vehicle is carefully designed by us and made in Officine Vivaldi with our team of expert craftsmen.



We are along the Brenner motorway, exit nogarole fortress, a fundamental asset of our logistics is precisely being able to move quickly and easily throughout Italy and Southern Europe. Our fleet of engines is powerful and always in order.



At Officine Vivaldi we ensure that all production and customization processes comply with all applicable codes and laws. Over the years our processes and our code of ethics have been updated to include new and safer construction standards. From rental service, to ad hoc customization, to consulting services, to restoration .. In Officine Vivaldi we make sure that every vehicle is sure to arrive wherever you want and NOT in a repair shop.



We were the first to import Airstream into Italy and we are still the pioneers of the most innovative vehicles in Europe today. We often work with the same clients and agencies for years, the trust of our partners is our flagship.



Our Airstream are polished, always in order and perfectly restored. The aluminum that characterizes them is a material that must be kept shiny with many hours of polishing and sweating. We are proud to always be the most sparkling on the road at events. In the Officine Vivaldi special vehicles you will find many of the same high-end finishes you could find in a luxury home or in a sports car. Always perfect body, comfortable hydraulic openings, furniture and wood veneers, parquet and many details that make the difference in photos and live.

Clients Over the Years:

Red Wing