We started more than 12 years ago to import Airstream from the United States, every year we grew by adding different Airstream with unique features. Our Airstream are all restored, perfectly polished, LED lit and always with convenient hydraulic openings to assemble and disassemble your stand in the shortest possible time.

VEHICLE: Original Airstream 1975 21feet

USE: Mobile Showroom, pop up store, Exhibition Stand, Food Truck, Catering

DIMENSIONS: 21feet 5.4mtx2.20mt

EQUIPMENT: Large stage with railings and balustrades, Hydraulic gull wing opening with remote control, Electrical system, LED lights, LED TV, Colored sofas, 5 square meters of space for interior installation, Parquet in wood, mirror polished


Airstream 21 ft

Made in USA Reborn in Italy

The smallest of our Airstream caravans, perfectly restored and mirror-polished, with front door and approved stage with steps and railings. Led lights, Dinette, LED TV. The hydraulic opening allows a fast, practical and effortless closing and opening of the stand. The front door can be customized with stickers or signs.

Inside, our Airstream is empty to facilitate ad hoc customization for each customer and event or promotional tour. Our Airstream is HCCP paneled to be transformed into a Beer Station, Food Truck, Catering Truck or cocktail bar. The vehicle can be customized as required by the customer, you think that this Airstream was on Tour also totally covered with grass .. fake grass. but still grass! There are no limits to the uses of our Airstream 21 feet pop store or showroom due to its spaciousness and versatility.

Str. Giuseppe, 7, 37060 Trevenzuolo VR

Tel: 045 668 0275

Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

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