Our Airstream 27 ft is derived from an Airstream Globetrotter, and as the name implies, it is an Airstream globetrotter. it was one of our first Airstream models converted for promotional use and immediately started for long Promotional Tours around Italy and Europe. the 27 feet (8.22mt) is the perfect size to be able to load everything you need for a Tour or Event. Our Airstream 27 feet is also sporty, in fact it was the first Airstream to turn Italy in long and wide with the Giro D'Italia. The Airstream 27 feet has a large stage, 2 independent hydraulic hatches, a comfortable terrace approved for the DJ, perfect also as an additional personalization space. Inside it is empty to be adapted to the customer.

VEHICLE: Original Airstream 1975 27feet

USE: Store, Mobile Showroom, pop up store, Exhibition Stand, Airstream Bar

DIMENSIONS: 27 feet 8.22mt x 2.25mt

EQUIPMENT: Dj terrace, approved stage, 2 hydraulic gull wing openings with remote control, electric system, LED lights, LED TV, hccp paneling, large interior space, mirror polished, conservative restoration


Airstream 27 ft

From 12 years ON THE ROAD, because quality work lasts over time
Made in the USA Reborn in Italy

Our Airstream 27 foot trailer is one of the most iconic and demanded by the market. Perfectly restored and mirror polished, with 2 front doors with hydraulic opening and approved stage with steps and railings. On the roof of the Airstream a terrace for DJs approved with its rear staircase, the ideal solution to have a stage and a shop together! inside Led lights, Dinette, LED TV and white walls allow easy customization. The hydraulic opening allows a fast, practical and effortless closing and opening of the stand. The two front doors can be customized with stickers or signs. The parquet is in real antique wood, it can be covered with carpet or PVC. The glasses of our Airstream are darkened to ensure safety of the goods and privacy. Inside, our Airstream is empty to facilitate ad hoc customization for each customer and event or promotional tour. Our Airstream is HCCP paneled to be transformed into a Beer Station, Food Truck, Catering Truck or cocktail bar. The vehicle can be customized as required by the customer, it is perfectly restored while retaining the charm and style that distinguishes every Officine Vivaldi Airstream from imitations. There are no limits to the uses of our Airstream 27 feet pop store or showroom due to its spaciousness and versatility.