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The history of Airstream

Airstream was born thanks to Wally Byam, but before becoming CEO he was a guy who loved fishing, sailing and camping. In 1929, he built what many consider to be the very first official recreational vehicle by combining a tent and the chassis of a Ford Model T. The improvements made to the original design included a permanent and waterproof coating and basic interior equipment. The original drawings of the trailer were inspired by the sailboats that Wally had loved in his youth. His inspiration would have established a trend that would shape the future development of campers around the world.

The Airstream model does not only include the typical "silver bullet" style. The first camper was actually the Torpedo Car Cruiser, a small and very portable camper that any car could tow. This elegant and compact style is also highly sought after by vintage motorhome enthusiasts and has also inspired similar modern models based on environmental sustainability. The "silver bullet" Airstreams, models like the Clipper, were developed during this period. The larger caravan could accommodate the first long-haul caravan trips, many of which were driven by Wally himself. The average size of the Clipper has made it more ideal for families, groups and longer trips.

The recent research trends of these iconic campers and the restoration or renovation has given new life to vintage Airstream, as well as the creation of new motivations for modern design. It's amazing to think that it all started with a car, a tent, and an ambitious dream.

Furthermore, did you know that during the great American Depression of 1936, there were 400 caravan builders and Airstream was the only one to survive? An Airstream is forever!

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